SHIFT2022 International Architecture Conference

7th April 2021


SHIFT2022 International Architecture Conference


Dear All


2020 has been an unprecedented year with economies and travel worldwide heavily affected by the pandemic that is Covid-19. Even with the development of vaccines in 2021, we continue to see the effects of the pandemic in our recovery phase, with travel borders being cautiously reopened with strict travel conditions and checks. International travel will remain low and many of us will continue to work remotely from our home offices.

DOMA Initiatives Architecture Foundation has been relatively dormant during these times to allow the volunteers and people that support the programmes to focus on their practice and work.


SHIFT2020 International Architectural Conference that was to be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre last year has already been delayed and rescheduled to this year. We have intended to hold the conference in September 2021 and with only 6 months away from the date, the restrictions and circumstances does not look encouranging.

Current travel restrictions across international borders are still limited and the possibilities for international speakers travelling into Malaysia look to be quite slim for 2021.


Rest assured, we are committed to make the SHIFT Conference a regional and international event and will continue to monitor the travel conditions for these speakers to come. However it is unfortunate that we have to defer the conference again for another year to 2022.


We would like to thank the sponsors and the paid participants that continue to stay with us during this period and we truly hope to see all of you again during SHIFT2022. We will make further announcements on the conference at a later date.


With regards,


SHIFT2022 Organizing Committee

DOMA Initiatives Berhad Architecture Foundation

Building Communities


In the 21st century, issues on urbanisation and climate change have impacted on contexts and conditions of cities resulting in displaced communities, challenging the resilience of identities, and drastically decreasing population and biodiversity. What is the role of architecture and the built environment in building communities?


In the light of this, this conference discusses different perspectives on how architecture forges its role in creating an ecosystem forming part of the infrastructure that creates “habitat” and compelling places that build and sustain communities.

20 - 21 November 2020 (Friday + Saturday)

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Tickets : Full - RM350, Student - RM200

Group Discount - 10 tickets + 1 free

6 LAM CPD Points

(Light refreshment are provided)

RE-Building Communities


Amidst the global crisis of the Covid-19 landscape, a central question that emerged is on how we can re-think design to re-build communities. From the co-working spaces for the creatives, dense urban living environments to the public realms that encourage social contact, the very notion of ‘community’ which has been built from foundation of social contact has collapsed. The current landscape is threatened by the issues of physical social proximities, hygiene and cleanliness, and psychological abuses and mental disorders. 
These circumstances have opened up a contemporary discourse on the role of architecture in re-building communities. How can we re-imagine the post-Covid built environment? Through this inquiry, the challenge that architecture faces in these circumstances is two folds: how do we begin to re-define commonalities and differences to forge post-Covid communities, and in what way can architecture enact this through its physical space and built form.

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