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SHIFT2019 International Architecture Conference

Creative Confluence

Today a multi-disciplinary approach, merging flows of ideas from diverse sources, is a given: this “confluence” - of intellectual processes, knowledge, intellectual style, personality, motivation and environmental context - has resulted in a unique notion of creativity that has fundamentally shifted mindset and is set to profoundly influence emerging professionals from the Millennial generation.


Architects today are facing a myriad of complex issues that lie at the intersection of overpopulation, security threat, housing crisis and government policy. The desire to overcome such challenges and to explore novel solutions encourage architects to develop qualitative methods: for example, analytical framework and methodology through a creative confluence of ideas and concepts.


This approach has seen the rise of new typologies and methods: innovation in architecture today implies the breaking of boundaries between the arts, science, social forces and individual-centric perception, as the driving force behind a interdisciplinary movement that is now tackling the diverse problems in our built environment.


At 2019:SHIFT conference, we bring together architects and designers to discuss on how creative confluence has influenced their approach in their works.

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