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Swissma Bluescope to collaborate with DOMA Non-School on a series of Masterclass programmes

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The Workshop is a design based workshop focusing on different ways of celebrating the knowledge of Architecture. It shall be conducted by the workshop leaders with specific agenda for each unit. Workshop leaders are free to propose any method or format of conducting the workshop that are suitable with the venue and time proposed by the curatorial team. Since it is going to be a design workshop we encourage the leaders to focus more on the idea of developing the participants’ thought process rather than skills

Workshop Schedule

August – November 2020

Period : August till November, 2020.

Length : Every weekend (Sat/Sun) within each month. Estimate 2 hours per session or subject to leader final workshop brief

  • Workshop 01 (August) - Animali Domesticiti

  • Workshop 02 (September) - Atelier HOKO

  • Workshop 03 (October) - Dua Studio

  • Workshop 04 (November) - SaoInn Architect

The workshop is suitable for students, young graduates, designers from various nationalities, cultures and backgrounds.

For more information - Click Here

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