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Dua Studio - ‘Human’ Is A Magic Word : a story about being closer to human body and perceptions

This Online Public Lecture is OPEN TO ALL 12 September 2020, 11:30AM Kuala Lumpur

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Doma Non School is proud to announce the third installation of the monthly Online Public Lecture with October’s workshop leader - Dua Studio.

Dua Studio is a Jakarta based architecture and design studio focusing on conceptual design through process and exploration. Dua Studio enjoys composing spaces made unique with character through simple and small gestures, scaling architecture closer to the human body. Dua Studio loves the idea that every design has a story behind it, and is currently questioning if architecture can convey messages.

‘Human’ Is A Magic Word: a story about being closer to human body and perceptions

From rethinking the invisible personal bubble, to exploring the city with an apparatus. From playing with drawings, to sewing paper. The story tells about the human body and perception as a consideration in the observation, thought as well as in the manifestation or expression of ideas.

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