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Cooling in the Hotlands - an online session with Daikin Malaysia on Saturday, 15th August 2020

Designing towards a balanced and sustainable system of mechanical cooling and naturally ventilated architecture.

Comfort has always been an important criteria for most architects when it comes to designing a building. Warming up in a cold climate or cooling down in a warm place is something that architects have over the years spent time trying to invent creative means to manage and regulate the temperatures within the building. With the advancement of modern innovations in building services, mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems have provided an effective solution to managing thermal comfort within the buildings and has been the ‘quick-and- easy’ go to for many architects in solving this thermal problem. However, over time and a general abuse on the reliance on mechanical cool- ing systems (whilst ignoring good sensible passive design and architecture), ar- chitects have become somewhat insensitive to the local context and climate in which their buildings are built within.

How can architects of the future design better buildings that don’t need to be mechanically cooled (unnecessarily and excessively) and to balance the need for thermal confort with good design and ‘just enough’ mechanical assistance. Daikin, a leader in providing solutions for mechanical cooling systems have asked themselves how can they help? How can they play a responsible role in the industry and assist in designing future buildings that is more sustainable. How can they work with architects and good passive design solutions to bring together an acceptable user comfort without compromising on the environment and the future. Doma Initiatives Architecture Foundation would like to host a forum that invites several architects and designers from different backgrounds and experiences to share their thought on what good design should be and how we should approach the issue of thermal comfort.

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