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Dua Studio

“Saturday’s Scattered Showers.”

Workshops October 2020

Saturday’s Scattered Showers- will be about us celebrating, rethinking our relationship with rain. It is not necessarily an approach to solve a problem, but more about our personal interest, thought, speculation, or reflection in rain. We will celebrate this occasion in the form of observation and media study; exploring strategies, possibilities of telling a story in one drawing.


October 2020 Workshop by Dua Studio - Dua Studio is a Jakarta based architecture and design studio focusing on conceptual design through process and exploration. Dua Studio enjoys composing spaces made unique character with simple and small gestures, scaling architecture closer to the human body. Dua Studio loves the idea that every design has a story behind it, and is currently questioning if architecture can convey messages.

Dua Studio is Dimas Satria and Ardy Hartono, with Wilusty Tengara and Ellyshia Candra.

Check out their website for more info about their work.

APPLY NOW for Dua Studio’s workshop at

Workshop participants are limited to 12 pax per leader.

Doma Non School Workshop is supported by Swissma and Colorbond Malaysia.

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