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Animali Domestici 

Tropical Saturated Landscapes; Speculative Altered Environments Towards New Forms of Coexistence.

Workshops August 2020

Tropical Saturated Landscapes is a workshop aimed to collectively reflect about new forms of multi-species coexistence, engaging with urban natural/artificial spaces, through fiction and storytelling techniques. Participants will work together with the leader to transform a series of selected urban environments, augmenting the possibilities of coexistence within them, by densifying and & saturating; relevant conditions and (architectural) elements.

Animali Domestici, is a design practice based in Bangkok, co-founded by Antonio Bernacchi and Alicia Lazzaroni, with an active interest in ecology in its wider sense, that has been investigating alternative inclusive assemblages of users and materialities, proposing multi-species explorations with an empirical and hands-on approach.

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Workshop participants are limited to 12 pax per leader.

Doma Non School Workshop is supported by Swissma and Colorbond Malaysia.
DOMA Initiatives Berhad - Architecture Foundation
Swissma Building Technologies Sdn Bhd

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